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Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

It’s finally here folks, the day you all look forward to celebrating.  A day when all your positive energy can justly be spent on that most important person in your life … your local Weatherman/woman.  Yes, today is ‘National Weatherman Day’.
A bit of background for those of you with your heads in the clouds:  National weather day was started waaaay back  when to commemorates the Feb. 5, 1744, birthday of John Jeffries, one of the nation’s first weather observers. (note the word ‘observer’) Jeffries began taking daily weather observations from Boston in 1774, and took the first balloon observation in 1784.  *Note, this is not the same balloon boy you have been reading about.  Nope this is the original ‘balloon man’ but he never actually climbed aboard a wayward balloon  like, hey wait a minute, that kid was never really in a balloon either, criminy!  Is it all a hoax?  Apparently not.  For this guy is credited as being the original and true first person to ever actually walk outside and say, "Hmmm, I wonder what the weather will be like today?"  and then go on to answer his own quarry.
Now I don’t know about you, but I think I am just as qualified as any weather-observing person out there.  I have been known to look out the window in the morning and say, "Looks like a snowy day" or better yet, crack open the front door whilst the sun is still sleeping and remark, "It’s going to be a beautiful day!"  If you ask, I will tell you that my track record for predicting the weather is pretty darn accurate (and I don’t have any dopplers or gizmos to help me out).  I must admit that having suffered a badly broken thumb – now there’s a story for you – I do have the advantage of a slightly telling ache in said thumb when the weather is about to turn.  But folks, do you see me out there asking for a national day of observance?  No.  No you do not.  Why?  because really I think that any person with any one of the following senses could probably predict the weather just as accurately as any "paid weather-observing-I’m-on-TV-person" out there.
Eyes – Looks like rain/snow/sun/fog
Ears – sounds like rain
Touch – feels wet, feels warm, feels boggy
Taste – stick out your tongue and what happens?
Smell – Mmmm, barbeque.
See people?  If you put your mind to it, it really can be done.  You too can become your very own weather-observing person.  Now you may not have all the glory that accompanies the "titled" person that (in)accurately tells you whether or not you should be toting an umbrella around, but you also won’t have to worry when a bunch of people become cranky because they toted that darn umbrella around all day and it turned out to be sunny and warm.  It’s a win-win.
So here’s to you, you ever-so accurate-weather-observing-person.  Raise a glass to yourself for having enough weather smarts to know that today is a good day to wear your jacket.  Wear it with pride, for YOU are the true weather observer and I for one, SALUTE YOU!