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Big Fish Valerie

You know this whole commuting thing is really getting old.   Some days it feels as if the road just gets longer and longer and I haven’t moved an inch. Today was one of those days.  Until… as I was toodling along the endless highway I passed a truck that caught my eye.  Big Fish. What kind of company could possibly sport the same name as one of my favorite movies: Big Fish?  Unfortunately it was too dark to tell, so I am left to wonder (yes, I tried to find it on the world wide inter-web, no success).  Have you ever seen Big Fish?  It’s a wonderful story in which William Bloom, son of a bigger-than-life man named Edward Bloom comes home for one last visit before his father dies.  William has always been embarrassed and dismissive of the stories he has grown up hearing but as Edward lays dying William starts to piece together the tall tales and seemingly endless string of unbelievably impossible adventures gaining a new perspective of the life his father has led.  Okay, so that description certainly sounds depressing and dull, but trust me on this one.  It is not.  I have watched this movie no less than 3 dozen times (not kidding here, if it’s on, I watch) and every time I take away something new.  So as I toodle I start to think about the movie.  As I think about the movie I start feeling weepy.  I’m not weepy about the movie per se; I am just suddenly very weepy. 

 What is it?  What is it that has caused this sudden lapse into woe-ville?  Perhaps it’s the feeling that I have yet to make a difference, an impact, if you will.  Not a big, splashy, hey-look-at-me-attention-grabbing kind of difference.  No, not that kind.  I think it is more of a need to do more and feeling that time is getting away from me kind.  Okay, I am NOT going down that road.  Really and true I am not. 

 Hey you know who this reminds me of, (making an impact part I mean)?  Valerie!

 If you want to read about a really cool chick that has made a BIG difference, check out my friend Val’s blog: .  One of these days I’ll tell you all about our PTA days together and how she set the standard that helped make my (multiple) stints as PTA President so successful.  She’s amazing!  Visit Valerie and rent Big Fish … you will be inspired!