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What the hey?  It’s April and we are still getting dumped on with snow?  I would give anything to be back here:

Rainbow Tower, Hilton Hawaiian Village

A room with a view:

From our window on the 31st floor

I love looking at all of the sailboats in the harbor.  Can you believe I never ventured over to the other window to take a few snaps of our beach? 

Venturing out on the lava rocks

While Mr. Farish was busy working I was busy visiting all of my favorite places:

Sunning … Eating … Shopping… Eating … Visiting … Eating … Remembering … Eating … Snorkeling … Eating … Relaxing … Eating … Hiking … Eating … Meeting … Eating … Chinatown … Eating … International Market Place … Eating… North Shore Waves … Lobster… Cemetaries… Roadside Shrimp Stands … Lobster … but best of all …  Time with my man … Heaven!


The Friendly Skies

Back from Hawaii with lots to tell … But before I do, let me share a bit about our flights …

> Our outbound flight attendants from SLC to LA were the classic kind that looked down their noses at each passenger and seemed incredibly bored to be amongst the lower classes.  Resign yourself to self-suffiecieny because they are just waaaaaaaaay to busy to deal with minions.
> LA to Hawaii – Some of the perkiest fellas ever!  Swishy doesn’t begin to describe it … it was more of a sashay-glide thing.  SOOOO super swell to watch… beverage service was the BEST.  I asked for water, no pretzels etc.  Picture this:  The right eyebrow raises, the hands fly up to the chest as he exclaims, “oh, honey are you shorrrre about that?”  … instant bonding that earned me little winks of understanding the rest of the flight.  (in hindsight, he was probably directing those winks to Mr. Farish … who slept almost the entire flight)
> HI back to SLC – definitely the “senior attendants”  I swear not a one was under 60 years old!  Swear to it!  Old, gray and utterly worn out after the first foray down the aisle with the beverage cart.  Poor ol’ gays and gals!  Lane and I were laughing like giddy punch-drunk college kids as we watched the ubber red lipstick of one glide ever so slowly down her mouth lines and onto her chin … you’ve all seen your Aunt Marge after tea … the cheek powder is caking, the lipstick smearing and oh my, are people really still painting on their eyebrows?  (I wonder if one gets tired of always looking so surpised?)  I have never in my life seen such a filthy airplane at the conclusion of a flight.  The senior citizens, clearly up way past their usual 7 pm bedtime had definitely given in to exhaustion!  trash everywhere and believe it or not, some of the seniors were actually sitting down instead of thanking us for flying … I think the utterance of a simple “Buh-bye” might very well have exhausted their very last breath… therefore, conserve.  
Sometimes the in-flight antics are better than the in-flight movies … of which I saw many.

in-flight food service?  go here:


In a few short hours Mr. Farish and I will be boarding a plane for Hawaii.  A spur of the moment vacation for me and a working vacation for Mr. F.  I can’t begin to tell you how timely this is.   See you in seven days … Aloha!

The Hair Issue … again!

Saturday was my sister Annie’s birthday.  Not just any birthday.  The BIG birthday … as in 5-O big.  Now I don’t really put much stock in birth years, always preferring to think of age as just another number.  Lord knows I have NEVER acted my age, (and really what does that mean anyway?)  Nope, I like to just sail along and hope I never break a hip in the process.   So Saturday we gathered to celebrate that fabulous sister of mine name Ann.

Now for those of you that may be new to my blog world, let me just say that a birthday in my family does not just mean cake.  Birthdays are C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N-S and must be treated as such.  So we begin:  Saturday morning the girls gathered for some female breakfast bonding at the Millcreek Cafe.  We talked and laughed and ate and consumed enough coffee to keep those Columbian growers rich and happy.  Realizing that we had monopolized our table far too long, we moved on to the nail salon where we promptly “pick ya culuz” before settling in for piglet pampering.  Do I even need to spell out for you how fun it was to look down that row of chairs and see all my favorite women-folk dipping dogs together?  Surely not.  (ok, I need to insert a tiddle of  a side note here … I go to this nail salon regularly…as in they know me, they know my kids, I know their kids etc etc).  There we all were, sitting, soaking, laughing, sharing, having a fabulous time.  Our sweet nail gals were all into the spirit of the day and seemed to be enjoying Annie’s day right along with us.  The talk turns to age … I secretly share.  The Vietnamese chatter begins … imagine rapid-fire speech being emitted from 10 women at once and you feel my pain.  Suddenly, “How old yo motha? She no old than sistah.  How old?”  I whisper:  ” 70.  Doesn’t she look fantastic.  No one would ever guess she is 70.”  -insert more Vietnamese chatter – and then it happened… my dear, darling, sweet nail tech stops mid file, looks up at me and matter-of-factly states: “You look like oldest. They say you oldest.”  “no, I’m number three”.  Heads shaking another tech pops up, looks at me and declares, “You look old.  it yo hai, you have old hai.”  I know, I know, the old-lady hair is a problem.  I declare my motto (you know the one: The higher the hair, the closer to God).  “Oh noooooo, not God, old hai.  You have old Hai!”  Oh dear Lord Almighty, “why?”  “Why?” I implore, ” is this head o’web my cross to bear?  Would it have been too much to just give me luscious, silky, manageable locks that swing and sway ala the Brady girls?  Really Lord, could you not have blessed me with say a third nipple? Perhaps a sixth digit on each foot?  Those I could handle Lord.  Why the hair?”  Somewhat deflated (and suddenly feeling really old) the topic changes, I have survived yet another hair inspired conversation. 

clockwise from top: Annie, Stacy, me, Casey Jayne

Well we eventually exited the salon wearing some mighty fine foam flip-flops to allow our girls to dry solidly, toodled on over to Macy’s and commenced to shop the afternoon away.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t deeply affected by the whole hair thing over at the nail salon.  I was…and having about 6 extra pounds upon my person didn’t help either (oh, did I forget to mention scale betrayal to the tune of 120 pounds? )  Sucking it up, i put my game face on, headed for those racks and dared them to betray my wardrobe wishes.  I’ll spare you the shopping details but you must know that bargains were to be had and I took full advantage right down to my shiny new red shoes.  I only cried once in the dressing room before sucking it up and moving forth.  Finally wearing down we each left with bags full of bargains and headed home.   Want to know the first thing I did?

Headed straight for the bathroom to smoosh down my hive.  A lost cause I tell ya.  My cross to bear.  Oh well.  I guess my lot is to be the young-on-the inside, elderly-hair-on-the outside, third daughter that looks older than her mother.   

So other than the whole hair thing Saturday was grandly fantabulous!

Hello Again

What the hey?  It’s always nice to find that you have friends in the blogging world that miss you when you are gone.  I have had texts and emails and phone calls asking when I was going to post.  So here we go …

First off, I must tell you why the break.  It has to do with my last few posts.  They were mean!  Yes, I am ashamed to have posted about people that I have never met but that struck a (silly) chord with me.  Rude. Cruel. Down right not nice!  I needed to re-group.  To think about why I blog and what it means.  I know what you are thinking, “Just delete the posts”.  Nope, I won’t be deleting because they will serve to remind me that I went down that path once and it didn’t make me very happy.  No more I say.  No more!

So I ask for your forgiveness and hope that you will continue to visit me every now and then… and please visit my other site:  for updates on whats cooking in my kitchen and in my soul.

A Nice Little Ditty

I recieved this in an email today.  It’s one of those “chain emails” that promises wonderful things once passed along.  I don’t believe in the whole chain bit, but i do like the message here:

“May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.  May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are.  Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom  to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of  us.” 


Attack of the Yellow Submarine

Recalled bathtub toy

See this little guy?

It seems he’s been up to no good. 

Manufactured with the idea of bringing joy to little bathing tykes that otherwise might not enjoy the evening bath ritual, this guy was the perfect solution.  This simple, smiling, yellow sub-of-fun has a cute little battery operated periscope that turns him off and on.  Once on, he draws water into his little water pump propelling him all around the tub …

At least that was the original plan.

It seems that the little water intake valve  is so powerful that it has been sucking up the loose skin on the very kids he is suppossed to be entertaining and causing some pretty nasty lacerations in the process … and by “loose skin” I am referring to all those little boys out there … OUCH!

Sharks and yellow submarines … fear them, for they are real!

Just in case you were planning on giving one of these fells to your BFF’s little guy on his first birthday, may I suggest a pet pirana instead?