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What the hey?  It’s April and we are still getting dumped on with snow?  I would give anything to be back here:

Rainbow Tower, Hilton Hawaiian Village

A room with a view:

From our window on the 31st floor

I love looking at all of the sailboats in the harbor.  Can you believe I never ventured over to the other window to take a few snaps of our beach? 

Venturing out on the lava rocks

While Mr. Farish was busy working I was busy visiting all of my favorite places:

Sunning … Eating … Shopping… Eating … Visiting … Eating … Remembering … Eating … Snorkeling … Eating … Relaxing … Eating … Hiking … Eating … Meeting … Eating … Chinatown … Eating … International Market Place … Eating… North Shore Waves … Lobster… Cemetaries… Roadside Shrimp Stands … Lobster … but best of all …  Time with my man … Heaven!



In a few short hours Mr. Farish and I will be boarding a plane for Hawaii.  A spur of the moment vacation for me and a working vacation for Mr. F.  I can’t begin to tell you how timely this is.   See you in seven days … Aloha!

Fickle March

When I left for work it looked like this:

4200 at 5:45 a.m.

Over a foot of heavy snow fell overnight.

This is what it looked like when I got home:

4200 at 4:30 p.m. - Almost all Melted

Constellation Faker

This morning I awoke to the remnants of a swirly, wet, shiver-inducing, winter storm.   New-fallen snow illuminated by the most beautiful full moon in the clear black sky.  Still and dark, it was a sight to behold. 

For as far back as I can remember I have loved the night sky.  I faked my way through the Big Dipper, Orion and being true to my zodiac sign; Leo.  Pretending that I too could see and understand the mysteries of the constellations when each were pointed out.   Not so the moon.   Night after night he rises to his glory, whether feeling small like a toenail clipping, or grand as a hot air balloon, Mr. Moon is a dependable friend in a sometimes unfriendly world.   While some fear the unknown of the night, I enjoy the mysteries that await as the sun slumbers. 

As a child a summer moon meant drive-in movies, endless games of ‘No Bears are out Tonight’ and only the spookiest of ghost stories.  Running blindly and the thrill of the unknown … how I loved that summer moon.  As a teenager making out under a moon-lit sky was simply the best.  Watching airplanes land late at night and pretending the only navigation was the alignment of the moon and stars was thrilling.  Summer night games and more ghost stories.   Grand!

Unpredictable and yet so predictable.  I have always known that no matter where my life goes, when friends have come and gone, when my negative thoughts about myself were too strong and everything seemed so out of reach and unattainable, I only have to gaze upward to feel a calm, quiet acceptance to reflect, reassess and renew my spirit.  It’s no wonder that falling asleep and waking to the face the moon fills me with hope for each new day.  Love my guy, the moon.

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~Anton Chekhov

Have a Bumbershoot

Last week I was trying to figure out what I would do for “Make a Difference Day” on Saturday.  The possibilities are endless but truth be told I’m a bit tired of the old standards … I know, I know, that sounds totally harsh … but really, I figure that since we donate food and clothing year ’round it wouldn’t really be making a difference … for me.  Nope, this year I wanted something new and different that made a difference for me … Aha!  Now you are thinking how completely selfish I am … that’s ok.  It was a bit selfish.  Anyway, i thought and I thought and really, nothing.  Not a thing popped into my pea-brain that delighted me a tad.  So I decided that  bringing treats to the neighbors has always been a good bet, might as well do that.

So what happened?  Saturday morning rolls around and I completly FORGOT all about “Make a Difference Day” … Until …  Driving to the store I notice a family of three waiting to cross the street … it is P-O-U-R-I-N-G rain and they are SOAKED!  “Crumb” said I, (for of course i had forgotten what day it was), “Crumb, that poor family is soaked!”.  I then remembered my umbrella on the passenger side of my car.  Sure it’s used, but it wasn’t ‘being used’ at the moment.  And there it was … my “Make a Difference Day” suddenly fell into my lap.  All I needed to do was get a few more umbrellas and pass them around to a few more unprepared folks as they were being pelted by rain … and by gum I did.  

Sometimes making a difference doesn’t require a bunch of forethought.  How lucky was I to have such a gloriously rainy day treat!

Change She is a Coming

The hot lazy days of summer are coming to an end and change is in the air. 
Seasons in transition bring the most perfect kind of weather.  Not too hot and not yet cold. 
Even though we use our patio and deck throughout Spring, Summer and Fall, there is something absolutely wonderful about being outside when seasons change.  I love to sit out on our deck, gazing at the most incredible Wasatch mountains, listening to the birds while feeling the warm gentle breeze on my skin.  I love the smell of fresh mowed grass mixed with the sweet smell of Autumn leaves. This is the kind of weather that I was meant to live in year ’round.  While I love the wonder, excitement and beauty of all four seasons with all their glory, I have to admit that mostly, I just want a perfect 78*.  I like opening the door in the morning and being greeted with a crisp blast of morning air, dew starting to form on the grass and a sweater is always opptional.
Yep, 78* for me … Glorious!
With much hesitation and sadness I say "so long summer"  Welcome Fall!

Winter to Spring in Utah

Snowmobiling anyone?  Let me tell you, if you haven’t had an opportunity to snowmobile high in the Wasatch Mountains, you are missing out.  Saturday the Farish clan joined Carol, Dave, Stacy and Carlee for a beautiful day of snow and sun.  Hoping aboard our snowmobiles we managed to cover 14,000, (yes, that is fourteen thousand) acres of mountainous range high above Deer Valley overlooking the entire Heber Valley to the East, Jordanelle to the South, Mount Timpanogas, and as far North as the Ogden Valley.  What an incredible opportunity it is to be able to venture so high and witness the beauty of Mother Nature.  I wish I had the words to express the breathtaking views, the fresh, untouched snow that glistened like zillions of shiny crystals, the crispness in the air as we rode, and the peaceful feeling that overtakes body, mind and spirit.  
Riding cautiously at first, I take the air deep into my lungs. The crispness of the morning stings, yet feels so refreshing.  My eyes tear with the brightness of the day, the sun reflecting off of the perfect virgin snow.  My spirit soars as I am suddenly struck with the sheer beauty of my surroundings.  The birds singing, deer and moose tracks in the snow, the hawks soaring, the delicious taste of pollution free morning air.  So lucky are we to live in a state in which we experience all four seasons in all their wondrous glory.  I am humbled by the vast. wide open range that I call home.  Utah in transition from Winter to Spring … a delightful gift to the senses … truly a gift to behold.
 Pictures to follow … can hardly wait to show you Skylar stripped to his skivvies sitting on his machine …