RA – no, I am not an Egyptian Sun Goddess, nor a sufferer of Rhuematoid Arthritis.  Born into a family famous for nicknames, I am merely the RA without the SAND.  Speaking of nicknames, I love them.  To me the gifting of a nickname qualifies a person as someone special in my book.  Books? Love them! Anything written I will read … love, love, love My Family: Mr. Farish and the kids; Dustin, Skylar, Abi and Cydney.   Chocolate (dark, please), cooking and canning (check out my other blog: http://sandraspantry.wordpress.com), laughing til I cry, singing loud and off key (can’t carry a tune to save my life), travelling and exploring, daisies for their simplicity, lavendar for it’s smell and all things sweet and savory.  Have I mentioned my ability to ramble?  Let’s continue … I have a thirst for knowledge and a need to try new things…with the exception of roller coasters in which I am sure my heart would come to a dead stop should I ever experience another one.  Love the thrill of a zip-line, the rush of a river, but Lord do not make me ride a coaster!  I was once a nurse until (and here I do not exaggerate) a patient fell on me.  While I successfully kept her from landing on the floor, my back was wrenched in ways that backs are not meant to be wrenched.  While recouping I explored other avenues which eventually landed me in residential treatment … oh for Heavens Sake,  Not as a patient!  I have since worked in the areas of education, eating disorders, mental and behavioral health.  Icurrently work at a facility for adolescents.  Love what I do, hate the commute.   Ok, I’ve rambled on long enough and I think you get the idea.  Thanks for visiting.  Please feel free to leave a comment, join a discussion or just read along.  I do hope we can become friends.


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