Have a Bumbershoot

Last week I was trying to figure out what I would do for “Make a Difference Day” on Saturday.  The possibilities are endless but truth be told I’m a bit tired of the old standards … I know, I know, that sounds totally harsh … but really, I figure that since we donate food and clothing year ’round it wouldn’t really be making a difference … for me.  Nope, this year I wanted something new and different that made a difference for me … Aha!  Now you are thinking how completely selfish I am … that’s ok.  It was a bit selfish.  Anyway, i thought and I thought and really, nothing.  Not a thing popped into my pea-brain that delighted me a tad.  So I decided that  bringing treats to the neighbors has always been a good bet, might as well do that.

So what happened?  Saturday morning rolls around and I completly FORGOT all about “Make a Difference Day” … Until …  Driving to the store I notice a family of three waiting to cross the street … it is P-O-U-R-I-N-G rain and they are SOAKED!  “Crumb” said I, (for of course i had forgotten what day it was), “Crumb, that poor family is soaked!”.  I then remembered my umbrella on the passenger side of my car.  Sure it’s used, but it wasn’t ‘being used’ at the moment.  And there it was … my “Make a Difference Day” suddenly fell into my lap.  All I needed to do was get a few more umbrellas and pass them around to a few more unprepared folks as they were being pelted by rain … and by gum I did.  

Sometimes making a difference doesn’t require a bunch of forethought.  How lucky was I to have such a gloriously rainy day treat!


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