Attack of the Yellow Submarine

Recalled bathtub toy

See this little guy?

It seems he’s been up to no good. 

Manufactured with the idea of bringing joy to little bathing tykes that otherwise might not enjoy the evening bath ritual, this guy was the perfect solution.  This simple, smiling, yellow sub-of-fun has a cute little battery operated periscope that turns him off and on.  Once on, he draws water into his little water pump propelling him all around the tub …

At least that was the original plan.

It seems that the little water intake valve  is so powerful that it has been sucking up the loose skin on the very kids he is suppossed to be entertaining and causing some pretty nasty lacerations in the process … and by “loose skin” I am referring to all those little boys out there … OUCH!

Sharks and yellow submarines … fear them, for they are real!

Just in case you were planning on giving one of these fells to your BFF’s little guy on his first birthday, may I suggest a pet pirana instead?


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