And What’s Your Major Again?

SACRAMENTO, Oct. 12 (UPI) — The two-man team that took the top prize at a California college fishing championship

(are you kidding me? A Fishing Championship?)

said one member fished for 10 hours with a hook in his head.

 (Clearly there is plenty of empty, unused space in there)

Robert Matsuura, 23, said he was fishing alongside Sacramento State University fishing teammate Peter Lee, 22, during the FLW College Fishing Western Regional Championship

(Wait, hold the phone … are their parents aware that they are spending mom and dads hard earned college cash on fishing?)

 Saturday at Folsom Lake when Lee’s treble hook lure — comprised of three hooks each connected to three smaller hooks — struck him in the back of the head during an attempted cast, The Sacramento Bee reported Tuesday. The pair said two of the three larger hooks were embedded in Matsuura’s skull. “I yelled at (Lee) to cut the line,” Matsuura said. “Then I jumped in the driver’s seat and drove straight to the ramp. I figured I’d go to urgent care to get it out and maybe come back later to fish. But there was a guy there saying, ‘Hey, why don’t we cut off the lure and the one treble hook that’s not inside your head.’ The other two hooks were just in too deep.”

(Now there’s a true friend; cut the line and keep on fishin’)

 Matsuura said he took two Tylenols for the pain and continued fishing for 10 hours,

(yeah, I had to read it twice myself … TEN HOURS … that’s 9 and ¾ hours of over fishing in my book)

with the two man team finishing the day with a haul 2 ounces heavier than that of closest rival Chico State University.

(Really? Was 2 ounces worth 10 hours of brain pain?)

The student said he and Lee collected the $50,000 reward for their university and then set about removing the hook.

(which was then duly handed over to the ER docs for removal of said hook that wound not have landed there in the first place had these boys been doing what most other college kids do … use your imagination here)

 “A family friend is a dentist,” Matsuura said. “He numbed it and pried it out.”

(I stand corrected, he went to the DENTIST for removal … such an obvious choice)


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