Class of 2011

Last night Mr. Farish and I attended Skylar’s parent-teacher conference.  We dutifully walked up to the secretary responsible for handing out the midterm grades and class schedules and watched to see if there was any reaction (positive or negative) associated with the name… there wasn’t… in fact the woman looked simply bored and ready to bolt and didn’t even bat an eye when I thanked her.  Mr. Farish snapped on his spectacles and studied that thing like it was the secret to life.  I stood on tippy-pigs to get a glimpse and was oh so relieved to see that that kid is acing his classes … except college math where he has a ‘C’.  Okay, let’s make this quick.  Clearly the kid is doing just swell, we’ll head over to talk to the math teacher, ask a few probing questions and bolt.  We enter the gym, locate the teacher, frown at the line and take our places.  Now when one is faced with a L-O-N-G wait the mind tends to wander … Here’s where I went … 
Back to the days when Skylar’s school journey began:  
When the magical first day of preschool came Sky was ready.  He had met Mrs. Lyons at his preschool assessment and was instantly smitten.  Oh to be in the presence of Mrs. Lyons three days a week!  The kid was beside himself.  The only problem was there were 19 other kids equally as smitten and eager to please.  What to do, what to do?  Sky had a plan:  Suddenly and without warning that boy developed a fainting disorder!  If there is one way to get your lady-loves attention it would be to drop onto the floor without warning in a dead faint.  and he did … over and over that boy would suddenly drop.  Over and over Mrs. Lyons would  bend down and tend to his needs.  A good teacher always knows when a boy just needs a second of her time.  It was a sad day when the other kids in the class caught on and were suddenly dropping like flies onto the floor.  Poor Skylar!  Poor Ann Lyons!  Although his fainting spells stopped just as quickly as they began, Sky’s love of Mrs. Lyons never wavered.  (neither did mine).  Mrs. Lyons set the tone for school and a love of learning and Sky ran with it.  
There are so many memorable moments in the Skylar timeline.  So many times when I was amazed, confused, entertained and oh so very proud to be his mom.                        which is why I am struggling with letting him go
Skylar is a senior in high school.  He has a girlfriend.  He has a part time job.  He has his own car.  He has a circle of friends that dominate his time.  I miss him.  I miss my little fainting boy.  I miss my boy that thought the sun rose and fell for his mama.  I miss the boy that confided and hugged and loved and yearned to be with me.  I miss sitting down and talking and laughing and sharing funny/strange/horrifying stories.  I miss his smile.  
Now the sensible thinking part of my brain (is there such a thing)  realises that these joys and sorrows are just a part of life.  Dustin did the same thing when he was a senior in high school.  Every kid needs to know that he or she has the freedom and ability to spread their wings, go away, and always have somewhere to return.  That said … his flying away is killing me … does that sound too overly dramatic? … Lord help me.       
By the way … Mrs. Lyons husband. Mark, was Skylar’s math teacher last year … Skylar never once fainted for him… and Mr. Lyons didn’t think the fainting condition was nearly as cute as Ann and I did. 
Go figure?

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