Can You Help?

As many of you may or may not know Eric Oligario is in stage 4 kidney failure and is in need of a kidney transplant. Kidney transplants are very expensive, even with insurance. So far Eric’s insurance has not paid anything claiming pre-existing condition since my husbands company was bought out and the insurance company was changed.  This may change in the future but for now we are facing a mountain of medical bills and the need to come up with much more money for continued care and ultimately the transplant. At this point we are not exactly sure how much time we have until transplant, but sometime in the near future. For this reason we are trying to raise some money on his behalf. I know with the economy the way it is now is not a good time to be asking for any kind of donations but anything that you can give would be greatly appreciated. If any of the boys need service projects or family members own businesses that need tax write offs you can pass this along. Thank you very much and please keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers.
                                                                          Melissa & Matt Oligario     
Donations may be made to:
Melissa Oligario
3095 Bedford Rd.
S.L.C., Utah   84119
There is also a Fundrazr set up through Facebook.  Go to my page and you will find the info there. (PayPal and credit cards accepted)

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