Holey Moley Me Oh My

Mmmmm, Fresh Salsa …
                                                              10 Full Pints and 6 Half Pints of Salsa Goodness
Fresh Utah Fruit makes Yummy Jam …
                                             13 Half Pints of Raspberry-Peach Jam
                                             11 Half Pints and 2 Pints of Peach Jam
Well, Son of a Gun! Looky what I made …
Rasp.-Peach Jam, Peach Jam, Strawberry Jam, Chili Sauce and Chunky Salsa …
Order yours today ’cause is won’t last long. 
                       Coming Soon … Dessert Treats
       > Praline Sauce     
     > Chocolate-Raspberry Sauce
     > Lemon Curd
I am taking pre-orders for all dessert toppings.  Thanks.
My poor wrinkled, chapped hands …

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