For Sale

Nature’s bounty has been great this year and I have been a canning fool …
   Lucky for you because the following items are now available:
     > Chili Sauce – a blend of tomatos, peppers, onions, spices. 
                  Great on  *pot roast, *rice and *noodles
                  or throw a jar in the crockpot over *ribs or *chicken
                           $8.00 / pint              $ 6.00 1/2 pint
     > Lemon Curd – Delicicious in crepes, pancakes, ice cream etc
                            $5.00 1/2 pint
     > Need some PEACH or PLUM jam?  Great with everything!
                        $4.00 /  1/2 pint, Peach          $4.00 Plum in 1/2 pints only
     > Chunky Salsa – spiced just right
                        $5.00 / pint                           $3.00 / 1/2 pint
Everything is fresh from the organic garden, gluten free, no additives, no preservatives, very reasonably priced, not found in the grocery store and incredibly delicious! 
You know you want some so order today.
(All proceeds go towards sending Abi to NYC in the Spring)

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