Always a Song

You know how I’ve told you I always carry a song in my heart?  Well this morning was no exception.
This morning I woke up to Axel Rose welcoming me to the jungle.  For some reason (that I was soon to find out) the song was playing full force in my brain.  I can’t say that I mind too much because a). I like Guns N Roses and, b). my brain was apparently preparing me for the morning.  Because why?  Oh, yea … cause I overslept.  Oops.  At first I thought that I just hadn’t heard the alarm clock going off since I had a pillow jammed over my head and all … (I’ll tell you why – Mr. Farish was up and moving at 3:30 and he is NOT a quiet guy, that’s why) so I reached over for my alarm clock to check out that situation only to find that I hadn’t set it last night … oh well, what’s an extra 25 minutes?  Well, I’ll tell you.  For me 25 minutes of extra sleep is fantabulous.  Who doesn’t want to stay cuddled in bed as long as possible?  It’s also freakybad since I have to drive 45 minutes to get to work.   
OK.  So I am up and at em, showering/shampooing/scrubbing away when suddenly a new song emerges just as I am washing my shoulders: Back fat, back fat … yes, sung to the tune of backpack backpack of Dora fame.  EWWW back fat!  Well that ol’ back fat got a good workout with the scrubby and soon I was off to the closet to grab a pair of pants, (NO!  I did not go commando I just didn’t think you needed to hear about the whole panty selection process etc.).  Anywho, Luckily last night I had hand washed several lightweight sweaters so I knew that I was ok that way.  All I needed to do was grab a pair of pants…easy.  Except that the pair that I wanted to wear had a big ol’ hanger mark to which I suddenly heard, "I’ve been hanging on a hanger, all the summer long …" (yes, to the tune of I’ve been working on the railroad).  Dammit!  OK, stroll into the kitchen (sans pants) to grab a cup of coffee and regroup.  YUM.  Fresh brewed Casi Ciello with a splash of Almond Breeze.  You guessed it … Suddenly Almond Breeze, Almond Breeze.  Almond Breeze, Almond Breeze.  Yummy in my coffee, Almond Bree-eeze … I don’t think the Beatles would mind if I let it be.  Am I going nuts here ( oh man!  No pun intended – really)  Always a song people, always a song.
Now I am sipping my joe as I walk into the bathroom to get my makeup on – it is only then that I discover that I still haven’t dried my hair.  What in the world?  How does one forgetto dry their hair? I am truly out of sorts – Welcome to the Jungle indeed!  As you know I do not sport long. luscious locks so a ponytail is out of the question.  IS that Jethro Tull singing "Straight, as a stick" ?  I do beleive it is.  So I’ll spare you the rest of the morning details but suffice it to say that my song repertoire was rather full, but you must know that I never felt one bit of stress, and since past experience has taught me that rushing does not help, I went about my morning as usual … well ok, I may have forgotten to bring Mia back in from her morning potty outside but hey, the kids will find her …
and in the end?  I may have overslept but I still made it to work by 7:04!  Not bad, not bad at all! 
I will however be checking and double checking my alarm clock tonight.  I only know so many songs.

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