Poor Kid

Driving up 8th North this morning on my way to work I saw one of the saddest sights ever …
A student driver being questioned by a police officer after apparently hitting the car in front of him!  How sad is that?! 
Now I am wondering who gets the ticket? 
                     > The student driver who has no license?
                     > The driving instructor?  (who is also the gym teacher, we all know that)
                     > Will this impede the poor kids ability to even get said license?
                     > Will Mr. Gym continue to teach drivers ed?
                     > Was the police officer being a Mr. Hard-ass- teach-em a-lesson type     -or-
                     > Was the police officer gentle and reassuring?
                     > Will the student be marked late for school?
                     > Will he now fail gym?
So many questions!  I sure hope the driver of the car that was hit showed kindness and understanding.  What a bummer for the poor little driving student.
and just a little bit … so glad it wasn’t my car he hit … Poor ol’ Eugene already sports several scrapes and dents ala Grandpa Rolly… but then, maybe that would have been ok too ’cause what’s one more little bump but character.   right? 

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