Change She is a Coming

The hot lazy days of summer are coming to an end and change is in the air. 
Seasons in transition bring the most perfect kind of weather.  Not too hot and not yet cold. 
Even though we use our patio and deck throughout Spring, Summer and Fall, there is something absolutely wonderful about being outside when seasons change.  I love to sit out on our deck, gazing at the most incredible Wasatch mountains, listening to the birds while feeling the warm gentle breeze on my skin.  I love the smell of fresh mowed grass mixed with the sweet smell of Autumn leaves. This is the kind of weather that I was meant to live in year ’round.  While I love the wonder, excitement and beauty of all four seasons with all their glory, I have to admit that mostly, I just want a perfect 78*.  I like opening the door in the morning and being greeted with a crisp blast of morning air, dew starting to form on the grass and a sweater is always opptional.
Yep, 78* for me … Glorious!
With much hesitation and sadness I say "so long summer"  Welcome Fall!

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