Making Myself Crazy

It’s not yet eight a.m. and I am already feeling totally ovewhelmed. 
Last night I was downloading pictures from my camera onto my laptop and thinking about all of the great outings and adventures that we experienced this summer.  and because I can’t ever clear my brain completely from work, I began to think about the kids that have never, and likely will ever, have the kind of experiences that we often times take for granted.   Museums, Hiking, River Running, Picnics, Street Fairs, Amusement Parks, Barbeques and Weekend Road Trips … Fabulous adventures we shared together as a family.  Sometimes with friends, sometimes just us, but always family.  and then I think … of all the kids that have no families at all. 
Think about it.  Children with nowhere to go.  Children that come to us with a bag of clothes, perhaps a few toys and that’s it!  How often have you said, "I can’t wait to get home and climb into bed."? What if you had no bed waiting for you?  If I was a kid in treatment what would be my motivation to change knowing that I would be going to live in a group home or foster care where nothing around me is my own.  I have to believe that we are providing these kids hope for the future.  Hope for change and tools to get there.  I hope that for every child there is someone out there that will embrace and love them no matter what the baggage.  I have to remember that one small kindness; a smile, a gesture, a touch, just might brighten someone else’s day.  I need to know that what I do makes a difference even when I sit in an office all day.  Aarrgghh!  I am making myself totally crazy! 

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