Work that Jaw

The worst part of having a big window on my office door is that there is absolutely NO privacy what-so-ever-never.  Most times it’s not so bad.  I get to gaze at all the comings and goings.  But on days like today when all I want to do is stuff my mouth full of delightful bits of organic, lactose and gluten-free granola … well, it’s a problem. 
Granola, known for it’s clustered goodness is a great right-from-the-bag snack.  Unless there are no clusters which leaves one to simply reach in, extract a fist full of tiny bits’o delish and quickly deposit them into a wide open and waiting mouth … spilling about 1/3 of said fists content in the process.  I keep looking down and finding sunflower and pumpkin seeds adorning my shirt and bits of oat lying in wait on my lap.  To passersby I probably look like one of those ape mothers: picking up bits from various parts of my person and stuffing them into my mouth.  I’m figuring that whatever lands on me is still technically ok to eat since it hasn’t hit the floor, right?
and what is it about the window that makes me chew so much faster?  Seriously, my jaw is really getting sore here.
Hey, speaking of Organic, Lactose and Gluten free (we were, weren’t we?) … It’s going ok.  Lots of adjustments.  Lots of new tastes.  LOTS MORE EXPENSIVE.  It’s hard to think that this is the way my life is now… for the rest of my life … woooweeee!

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