They Keep me Laughing

I arrived home from work yesterday to a house full of kids, er, teenagers.  It was loud.  It was boisterous.  It was DIVINE! 
When my kids were small I made a point of hosting playdates, organizing outings and always including others.  I wanted my house to be the go-to place.  I wanted my kids to feel free to have their friends over, and I wanted their friends to feel welcome anytime.  Sometimes it was hard.  Sometimes I played referee.  Sometimes I bandaged knees and elbows and fingers.  Sometimes I made so many PB&J’s and wiped so many sticky faces that I wondered if what I really had was a big ol’ daycare without the benefit of pay.  But you know what?  I was paid.  Paid in smiles and hugs and thank-yous.  I was happy watching my kids learn to share and interact with others.  I was so proud to see their daily kindnesses as they shared toys and snacks and secrets.  Let’s face it; I was in HEAVEN!
It wasn’t always easy.  Mr. Farish would have preferred that I have a "real job".  I knew that what I was doing was in fact the most important job I would ever have.  I was preparing my kids for the world.  Preparing them to become productive and responsible citizens.  I was teaching them life lessons and values that they would carry forward once I was no longer there to catch them.  There was no monetary amount that could ever surpass what I earned while home with my children.  None!
As I entered my house last night, wandering from room to room, enjoying the laughter, listening to the various conversations, I knew that my time at home had been very well spent.  Priceless!

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