So the kids bring home their yearbooks and of course I have to read all the witty, pithy sayings and sentiments thanking them for being in such and such class with so and so (boring) teacher but YOU made that class SO FUN ‘ cuz you are the best and let’s hang out for sure, HAGS! 
Oh HAGS indeed!  I want to HAGS.  I want to HAGS in a big way.  I want to have three months off to HAGS with my kids, my gal-pals, my fella … heck I want to HAGS with a whole stack of books … I WANT TO HAGS!  The problem is, in order for my kids to HAGS, I have to work.  Everything cost something and If I didn’t work, well, No HAGS to be had.  Harumph!
Oh well, hats off to all you kiddos; I wish you all HAGS!
remember …
                       U. R.     
                                 2  Cute
                                 2  Be
                                 4  Gotten!
Stay cute!

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