Back by Popular (?) Demand

Kidlets, I am back.  After taking a few weeks off from all things Blogg-y I have returned.  Here’s what’s been going on …
NOTHING!  Absolutely nothing at all.  Well, ok, maybe a few things here and there.
Mr. Farish and I recieved an invitation to attend an awards banquet to honor the top A.M.E.S. students for the year 2009-2010.  It seems one, Riley Abigail Farish is the top-dog when it comes to Earth Sciences, Arabic, Art, Geography … well, let’s just say EVERYTHING!  No sooner had we entered the Union Ballroom than Abi’s Arabic teacher descended to gush and goo and rave about how incredibly talented Abi is.  He stressed that she and one other student were the only kids that really grasped and understood the language, had true inflection and flawless writing, should really pursue her talent etc.  WOW!  As a parent what can you say?  Of course we were very proud.  But really, what do you say?  "Thanks."  Each table had one faculty member assigned.  Ours happened to be Mr. Ramsey, Earth Science teacher extraordinaire.  Little did we know as we were chatting away, that he was the one that had nominated Abi for outstanding honors.  Little did he know that he was also going to be recognized as an ‘Outstanding Educator’.  Mr. Farish talked techie with him.  They exchanged ideas.  Then we all talked about the Princess Bride … is there anyone out there that hasn’t memorized that movie?  We learned that Mr. Ramsey has a secret desire to utter, "Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father.  Prepare to die."  … Next morning I went directly to and ordered that very t-shirt: You know it … the ‘Hello’ badge that says ‘Inigo Montoya’ and underneath that; you killed my father, prepare to die.  I thought that was a rather clever gift.  Apparently Mr. Ramsey did too.  According to Abi, anything uttered the day the gift was bestowed was from The Princess Bride.  Love it!   Ok, anyway, all is swell with Abi and A.M.E.S.
While Mr. Farish and I are no academic slouches ourselves, I do have to wonder just where that drive to learn comes from.  I have NEVER, not even once, had to ask Abi to study, practice an instrument, or finish and assignment.  She just does it.  I like to think she is a really great role model for Cydney.  Yep, Cydney too can be found at the bar doing her homework or sitting at her desk working on a book report.  What is up with these two?  Can we possibly channel some of that into room cleaning?  Yeah, well, really, pick your battles right.  I’ll take academics any day.  So proud of my scholars.  (Skylar? you ask.  Skylar is doing just dandy with the exception of Japanese – he thinks it might kill him but I think that as a student of Japanese he is not honor-bound to the same ritual of suicide to save face as a ‘true’ Japanese student might be.  Nah, just get a ‘C’ and we’ll call ot good!  and perhaps a little less time spent with Arianna … but I’m not complaining.
It’s all good.

2 responses to “Back by Popular (?) Demand

  1. GOOD JOB FARISH GIRLS! QUIT BEING SO MODEST SANDRA….THEY GET IT ALL FROM YOU! Someday they will have your same OCD issues with clean rooms too I\’m quite sure. And Skylar – Japanese? Wow! Soon all your children will speak a different language than you and they will be able to make fun of you without you even knowing it!Love you ~ Mare

  2. Hey now! I can speak Spanish with Dustin, Abi and Cydney (dos tacos por favor), German and Italian with Abi, (Achtung and Canolli), Japanese with Skylar (Gung hey fat choy) and of course I be smackin\’ da English fer like, years now. Iain\’t learned me no Arabic yet … that stuff is waaaaaaaaaay out of my league…and besides, I don\’t want to be detained at the airport for my possible terrorist ties \’cuz my Arabic is so spot-on perfect … it could happen you know!

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