Two On Five Off I Say

I want to know who is responsible for making the ill-fated decision that Monday through Friday are work days, while Saturday and Sunday are days off.  If anyone had asked me I would most definately have said two days on, five days off. 
This is what we packed in this past weekend:
Saturday:   7:00 a.m. Walk with Mia and Mr. Farish – park and Starbucks
                 Mani and Pedi with Cydney
                 Japanese Street Fair with Abi, Cydney, and Dustin
                 Skate Shopping – Cydney and Abi want new long boards
                 Museum of Natural History – Cydney, Abi and Dustin
                 Pick up Vicki, Lori and Kelly – go to Buffalo BBQ and get 18 take out orders
                 Girls night at Sylvia’s
                 Home at midnight
Sunday:      7:00 a.m. Walk with Mr. Farish and Mia – park and Starbucks
                  Clean out refrigerator and cupboards
                  Grocery shopping – take Cydney so she can cash in coins
                  Make a marinade for Carne Asada meat
                  Start pork for Carnitas – slow simmer for 3 hours
                  make Flan for dessert
                  Cook the Carne Asada, chorizo and corn tortillas
                  Eat dinner with the family
                  Load the dishwasher
                  Sit down for the first time today to watch The Amazing Race
                                                   (You can’t help but love Jet and Cord)
                  11:00 p.m. – Exhausted!
Do you see what I mean?  Two day weekends are enough to wear me out. 

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