Jayne Bonding

Last night I did some bonding, Jayne bonding. 
Casey Jayne is my 22 year old neice who recently started Cosmetology school.  Last night was her first time coloring real human hair … mine. 
Many people told me beforehand how brave I was to offer up my head for experimentation.  Listen kids, I am not brave.  I happen to sport an ungodly mess of fine fluff that one would be very hard-pressed to ruin… I was also in need of new color as the grays are starting in invade en-force.
So last night I toodled on out to the beauty college, sat my double-wide down and let Casey Jayne have her way with my head. 
New adventures bring out all kinds of responses from people.  Some jump right in – some drag their feet – some change their mind and run – and others just go with the flow.  I like to think I’m a go with the flow kind of gal … maybe yes and maybe no.   Casey Jayne?  I do believe she is an "I’m so excited and petrified at the same time" kind of gal.  While excited to try something new, she was also a bit, um, shall we say … blonde?  Her nerves were getting the best of her as she was thinking about what she needed to do to prepare… I understood and felt for her because, yes, folks… it brought back many memories of my own cosmetology school experiences of many, many, did-I-say many, years ago.
When I went to cosmetology school there was no such thing as ‘foiling’ … if you wanted streaky hair you got a rubber swim cap pulled tightly over your head, sat stoically still while the strands were painstakingly pulled through the holes (spaced very evenly at exactly 1/4 inch apart) with a crochet hook.  It took hours, was painful and lets face it … never ever looked a bit of natural on anyone.  
It was a time of the ‘perm’.  I like perming.  I was very good at perming.  I was the ‘Perm Queen’ … my hands were blister-y raw from all of those chemicals but WOW, so worth it when you saw that glorious head-o-poodle emerge from the shampoo bowl a few hours later.  And don’t even get me started on the "Apple Perm" or the even more revolutionary "Placenta Perm" … Progressive?  Honey, we were front line progressive … I mean who doesn’t want their hair transformed by donated placenta ?  Hello?  Sure, there were other concerns in the World O’ Beauty … the occasional game of ‘cover-the-patch’ in which one must creativily comb over the area that had inadvertantly been cropped just a tad too short.  The backcombing … ah, yes, the infamous backcomb.  You know I live by the motto: "The higher the hair, the closer to God" … boys and girls, the backcomb helped me realize my true hair-stacking abilities.  There was nary a Grandma that didn’t walk out six full inches taller than when she came in.  Baby, I can backcomb with the best of em still today. 
Theory class … hated it!  I didn’t want to learn about scalp conditions and creepy crawlies.  I shuddered to think that any man, woman, or child would dare plunk down in MY CHAIR if ever they were playing host to any living creature … how dare they?  I asked.  Dare they did … for this was beauty school where a haircut could be had for a buck … However, there was a very important part of theory class that I should have paid more attention … yes, mixing the dyes!  I never mastered the art of color versus activator ratio.  What colors used which chemical.  Why some hair ‘takes’ and others don’t with certain products.  Yeah, should have paid attention because the first time my patron arose from the shampoo bowl with green undertones … well, not good.  Not good at all.  So I thrived on the perm, cut and style and never pursued the fine art of color. 
Did I mention the big selling point at ‘Bea Lunds Continental College of Beauty’?  It was the ‘Pivet Point’.  A way of rolling the hair without leaving noticable parts between the curls … "Oh my" you say.  To which I can only respond, "Oh my indeed!"  I was good.  I loved playing with hair: cutting, curling, styling, braiding, perming, digging strands out of tight caps.  Good times. 
And now those good times are being had by one Casey Jayne Humphris, who after just one human hair experience has already mastered the dye job … Foiling three colors at a time no less. . . I look fab baby!
My dear Casey Jayne, I LOVED being your first guinea pig.  You are ADORABLE.  Relax, think it through, take a big breath and just go for it!  You will be a super-star!
Like I said, GOOD TIMES!

3 responses to “Jayne Bonding

  1. I CANNOT believe that she is 22 and working on a career! My how the time has flown by! So sweet of you to be supportive of her and her ambitions…miss you all like craa-aa-aa-zy!

  2. I know! I just kept looking at her in the mirror and thinking, "She\’s a big girl now." I probably should have mentioned how proud of her Lane was. When I got home he looked at me and pronounced that Casey had done, "a great job. Looks really good." We tended Casey when she was just a little baby and really considered her our own … she went everywhere with us. So yeah, lots of reasons to be so proud of her. Beautiful and sooooo genuinely sweet.

  3. that is how I think of all you…beautiful and sooooo genuinely sweet…love you all and miss you even more…. 😉

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