Driving Home

When I got home from work Friday i was in the best mood.  Here’s why:
     * Only two red lights before getting on the freeway … versus the usual 6
* Letting a truck merge over in front of me and getting a kindly wave
      * Seeing a golden lab in the bed of a truck, ears flapping in the wind … I would swear he was smiling
* Listening to a really fab mixed CD from Dustin
      * Watching an old woman behind me fluffing her hair in the rearview
* Seeing all of the blossoms on the trees … and smelling them instead of exhaust
      * Watching a very sensible husky in another truck bed sitting smack-dab center, staring at me
* Realizing that I was laughing at loud all alone in my car
                                         The start of a really great weekend

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