World Health Day

and the theme for 2010 is: "1000 Cities – 1000 Lives"

With the campaign 1000 cities, 1000 lives, events will be organized worldwide during the week of 7 – 11 April 2010.

The global goals of the campaign are:

I will be participating in a local effort to clean up trash from our parks, streets and public use areas.  I am happy to do my very small, tiddly part in making our environment better.  What really bugs though … that people feel the need to dump their trash wherever they are without a second thought.  Come on folks!  Clean up after yourselves … and that means your dogs poop too.

How will you celebrate World Health Day?  Does your city have plans?  I can’t speak for Utah because while I’ve looked and looked, I have yet to find anything!  But really?  Who needs one dedicated day to make a difference?  Not this gal … I’m still working on my ARK …  and I have much to do.


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