Just Wondering …

> Why does the Easter Bunny deliver eggs?  He doesn’t even lay eggs.  Why not an Easter Hen?  …weird
> What is the difference between ‘Ketchup’ and ‘Fancy Ketchup’?  …tastes the same to me
> Who first said, "PU" and how did it relate to a stink? … think about it folks
> Why did the Howell’s on Gilligan’s Island bring all those trunks of money since it was only a 3 hour tour?  By the same token, why did Ginger bring her whole wardrobe?   …these people clearly had issues
> How do you measure someone’s height if they are in a wheelchair?  …what if the person has a double leg amputation?  …Hmmm
> Do people in China call their good dinnerware "China"?   …seriously, do they?  …I need to call Val!
> Has the question, "How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood" ever been answered?   …
> Why do I have one dark brown hair on my left arm when the rest are all blonde?   …I just yanked it out by the way
> What’s with the ‘butt-slap’ in football, and the ‘high-five’ well, anywhere?   …high five
> Why am I so fixated on these weird thoughts today?   …oh, and there are so many more!

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