Thay it like thith

OK, everything you read, you mutht read with a lisp cuz thit ith how I thound…
It all tharted lath week affer coming home from the dentith.  I wath knocked out tho I don know wha they dith but wha-ever ith wath, awoke a throbbing pain in my jaw.  
(so of course I put up with it while overloading on aspirin – mego no no with the belly stuff – and Lortabs.  I last for about three days until waking up every hour of the night with jaw pain has turned me into a raging and very mean mama.  finally call the dentist early saturday morning, don’t hear back unitl Sunday, but he did call in a perscription for Amox. and Motrin 800’s – yeah, good luck with the non-responsive bacteria – )
Tho, I go in today and find tha I nee a woot canal.  Can’t do it til nexth week tho he loaded me up with a bunth of thots to numb me up for the resth of the nigh.  
It’s going to be very interesting tonight since we are taking my dad out to dinner to celebrate his birthday … pray I don’t drool all over everything… or mistake my cheek for food … delightful! 

2 responses to “Thay it like thith

  1. I\’d like to see you try to whistle right now! I hope you feel better. Man you\’ve been on the wrong train sister!

  2. I love you Mare! Can\’t really say I want to board your train either … perhaps we can start a new line together???

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