Winter to Spring in Utah

Snowmobiling anyone?  Let me tell you, if you haven’t had an opportunity to snowmobile high in the Wasatch Mountains, you are missing out.  Saturday the Farish clan joined Carol, Dave, Stacy and Carlee for a beautiful day of snow and sun.  Hoping aboard our snowmobiles we managed to cover 14,000, (yes, that is fourteen thousand) acres of mountainous range high above Deer Valley overlooking the entire Heber Valley to the East, Jordanelle to the South, Mount Timpanogas, and as far North as the Ogden Valley.  What an incredible opportunity it is to be able to venture so high and witness the beauty of Mother Nature.  I wish I had the words to express the breathtaking views, the fresh, untouched snow that glistened like zillions of shiny crystals, the crispness in the air as we rode, and the peaceful feeling that overtakes body, mind and spirit.  
Riding cautiously at first, I take the air deep into my lungs. The crispness of the morning stings, yet feels so refreshing.  My eyes tear with the brightness of the day, the sun reflecting off of the perfect virgin snow.  My spirit soars as I am suddenly struck with the sheer beauty of my surroundings.  The birds singing, deer and moose tracks in the snow, the hawks soaring, the delicious taste of pollution free morning air.  So lucky are we to live in a state in which we experience all four seasons in all their wondrous glory.  I am humbled by the vast. wide open range that I call home.  Utah in transition from Winter to Spring … a delightful gift to the senses … truly a gift to behold.
 Pictures to follow … can hardly wait to show you Skylar stripped to his skivvies sitting on his machine …

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