Rewarding Hard Work

Friday morning we awoke to discover that sometime during the night a no-good-nik had driven through our sideyard fence taking out an entire corner.  Dustin offered to come over on Saturday to help Mr. Farish rebuild; a job that would turn out to take the entire day into the night.
While the guys worked hard outside, Abi did Dustin’s laundry inside.  Cydney cleaned and organized all of the shelves in her room (shelves that cover an entire wall), Skylar had trash and recycling duty, and me … well, I was finally breaking my fever of three days while enjoying the fact that my stomach was also starting to settle down. 
As I watched each of these people that I love so much I decided they needed a treat.
First I popped a bunch of popcorn:
Then I melted some caramel:
Chopped some dark chocolate … ready for melting:
Drizzle the caramel over the popcorn.  Then drizzle the chocolate:
The result?  Well, if I was a great food photographer, you would see the most amazing chocolate caramel popcorn treat ever.  They all loved it!

2 responses to “Rewarding Hard Work

  1. ohhh wow! send me some please!!! mouth watering! hope you feel better soon…glad no one was hurt except your poor fence. Hugs!!!

  2. Next time we are together I promise to make you some. So easy and so good! XO

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