A Date with Mr. Farish

Saturday morning Mr. Farish and I were looking over each of the rooms in our house and deciding what will stay and what will go.  UGH!  I do not enjoy this activity in any way but realize it is a vital part of not becoming one of those hoarding families that so appall and fascinate us each week on AMC.  No, Mr. F. is a clear-the-clutter kind of guy so into each room we ventured … After emerging realtively unscathed, we determined that our ‘short hallway’ was in need of a shelving unit to house a load of new linens for the bathrooms and bedrooms.  Where to go?  IKEA of course.  Amazingly (said oh so very tongue-in-cheek) the kids didn’t want to go!  Suddenly It’s a DATE for the Farish’s.  Really and true … our first alone time in who-knows-how-long … and it was spent at IKEA! 
What does a couple do on a date at IKEA?  Well, this adventurous two-some went straight to the restaurant.  There we sat, the two of us, at a table for six, noshing on (of all things at a furniture store) Salmon with veggies (me) and an open-faced shrimp sandwich (Mr. F).  And it was Delightful!  We didn’t talk about kids, we didn’t talk about my health, we didn’t talk about work … we just talked.  It was great to sit there in that crowded and very noisy room and just sit together and chat … was I sad that we no longer have little tykes running around the house?  Hell no!  After all the commotion out there, it was a fabulous time to sit back and watch the young families and their screaming kids and know that we were d-o-n-e with all of that… Mr. Farish gave a big gulp when I announced that I would love some grandkids however! 
After our fine meal we set off to find the unit of our dreams.  Here’s the thing … Mr. F. wants to go straight to the warehouse area, grab the boxes and go.  I on the other hand, need a visual.  A true in-person, up close and personal look at what we are about to purchase… Mr. F relents and we are now immersed in the world of IKEA crowdliness.  BUT, being IKEA pros, we race through that whole maze of a store and arrive realitively unscathed to the world of shelving units.  Do I hear the Heavens singing?  I believe I do, for there it is!  The unit of all units, standing in all it’s 6 x 6 foot glory just waiting to amaze and delight the Farish’s.  Back to the warehouse, grab our booty and prepare to make our getaway … after a very long and arduous wait in line.  Let’s just say that the smell of those cinnamon buns about did me in but knowing that I wouldn’t be anywhere near a restroom when they decided to reappear, well, it was better to leave them for someone else…and we did.
Quick stop at In ‘n’ Out for the kids and we were home.  Mr. F. grabbed his tools and Voila, we have a lovely new addition to our home that has the animals absolutely baffled… and it looks fabulous.  A true two-for-one … a date and a cabinet … all in one day.
Sometimes I think my life is pathetic and small, but then I remember that I kindof like it this way.

One response to “A Date with Mr. Farish

  1. ohh so jealous! I would love to see pics of your unit…I need one badly! I am excited to travel to San Diego soon to go to IKEA to find a perfect fit for our playroom. Kudos to you for finding one and enjoying the process along the way…We are hoping to come out your way this summer and see everyone, it has been way to long! How we wish we could meet up at Bear Lake once again! Well have a great day, let me know how you are feeling and hopefully we will see you soon…I sure could use a good laugh! You always make me smile!!! 😉 Love ya!

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