Today We Celebrate …

March is chock full of happenings: we welcome Spring, change our clocks, let the Leprachaun run hog-wild through the house and watch the crocuses peek their lovely little heads up out of the once dormant earth.  Yes, my friends, March is a happenin’ month.  In fact, there are three special happenings today alone:

I Want You to be Happy Day – This should not require much explaination, but if you need a bit of a nudge, here goes: This is your opportunity to go out and do something to make someone smile.  Whether a phone call, good deed, or simply smiling at a stranger.  Make someone happy.  It’s easy and it’s FREE.  I really want you to be happy. Smile


 If Pets Had Thumbs Day  – Well now, this one certainly does require a bit of imagination doesn’t it.  Simply sit back and imagine all the things your pet could do if it had opposible thumbs … Hmmm.  Now, sit back and be glad that your pet does not have opposible thumbs!  Note: this will only work if you are not the owner of a pet monkey.  If you are the owner of a pet monkey, perhaps you would like to sit back and imagine what it would be like if that rascal didn’t have thumbs at all.  It’s a win-win.


National Anthem Day – The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States of America. It was written by Francis Scott Key. National Anthem Day celebrates  this song, and the rich history behind its creation. The song officially became our national anthem on March 3, 1931.

Celebrate today by proudly flying the flag. Also listen to and sing the Star-Spangled Banner.   I will be singing (loud and off-key), won’t you join me?

If you happen to be Asian, you might also want to celebrate Peach Blossom Day – The Peach Blossom Festival is held in Hunan China on March 3rd. It coincides with the annual blossoms opening on peach trees in Hunan province.  It is a joint celebration of women for the feminine qualities that coincide with the attributes of peach blossoms, these include: pretty, delicate, dainty, and sweet smelling.  If you are a girl living in China, chances ae you will recieve a doll or a peach blossom today.  As Napoleon would say, "Luhkee"

People, there is much to celebrate today. Get busy!


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