My Girls

Saturday was ‘Girls Day". 
Mina, one of my ‘Whine and Wine’ peeps has moved to a new salon, (check it out: ) so naturally I needed to take my girls in for some facial-icious fun.  And facial-iscious fun we had.  Let’s just say that any time spent with my kids is a treat in and of itself, but add Mina to the mix, well baby, you have just created yourself a party!  Abi and Cydney loved listening to Mina’s stories, laughed at her (sorry Mina) BAD accents, and simply enjoyed being pampered… with the exception of the brow de-forest-ation (Cyd’s first time – OUCH, but luckily she had enough to donate to a browless soul out there, so really, very well worth it). 
After much outside pampering, it was on to some inside pampering … FOOD!  We cruised on in to the local Hires and ordered ourselves a feast of greasy goodness.  Burgers, fries, onion rings, cherry limeades and a chocolate shake … pure tummy lovin’… 
And then it hit me hard … my babies are not babies any more!
While it’s hard to see my babies growing up, it’s days like this that make it just a bit less painful.  I LOVE being able to share this time with my girls.  We Talk and laugh and tease -just a bit- and share stories that only a mom can share with her girls.  I love that my girls can share things with me.  I love that I can share things with my girls.  I love that the closeness that I share with my sisters and mom is the same kind of closeness that my girls and I have, and will continue to have.  I love that we LAUGH.  I love that we share.  Most of all, I LOVE that we LOVE!
The only thing I didn’t so much love?  My very own Little Miss Sunshine moment when I rolled the window up on my own fingers … Now that takes talent!  Come to think of it … it was rather funny.

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