Cup O’ Complaints

Aye yi yi, what is with the cups in the fence?  Have you seen them?  They are sprouting up everywhere … I remember the first time they started popping up … 9/11.  Our patriotism was high and everyone wanted to show their support.  Red, white and blue cups were fashioned into a flag motif for all to admire.  Admire we did for that creative soul that awoke one day and thought, "Today, yes, today, I exercise my creative side.  I shall go to the dollar store, purchase plastic cups and fashion them into something grand and lovely.  Something that will say, ‘WOW, that is one patriotic son of a gun.’ Yes, today, I fashion cups into a flag for I am an American and I am free to express my patriotism in cups."  and so a fad was born. 
But Lord Almighty, I think it’s gone too far:
Driving into Utah County each day it seems there is always a message welcoming Elder So-and-So home; wishing Elder Whosit a great ‘mission’; professing love for someone ubber special; and yes, even inviting that special someone to the prom.  The latest message?  Some creativily impaired person has actually taken the time to post "PICNIC CUPS" up on the fence.  Picnic cups.  Did that really need to be shared?  What was that moment of inspiration like? Nice try, but really folks, if you are going to put those plastic things in the fence, you really should be responsible for taking them back down instead of waiting for the wind to dislodge and scatter them all over the place… and since that isn’t likely to happen, could you perhaps, would you please, don’t cha think perhaps using some environmentally friendly, bio-degradable cups would be a better choice?  Sure, they cost a bit more but you wouldn’t be contributing to the growing litter problem that lines our roads…those bio-cups actually break down and make a super-swell mulch you know…they also recycle well, but then, that requires that you actually do your part and REMOVE THEM FROM THE FENCE! 
I’m not really in a bad mood, quite the opposite, but those plastic cups, well, they just stick in my craw!
What is a craw anyway?

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