Hey, Did you Hear …


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1. Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.
2. A person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts.
3. Trivial, chatty talk or writing.
4. A close friend or companion.
5. Chiefly British A godparent.
intr.v. gos·siped, gos·sip·ing, gos·sips

To engage in or spread gossip.
gossip [ˈgɒsɪp]


1. casual and idle chat to have a gossip with a friend
2. a conversation involving malicious chatter or rumours about other people a gossip about the neighbours
3. Also called gossipmonger a person who habitually talks about others, esp maliciously
4. light easy communication to write a letter full of gossip
5. Archaic a close woman friend

I found out today that I have been the subjet of idle gossip.  Apparently my unwillingness to share personal information with those other than the ones I feel closest to at work has created a whole bevy of speculation.  How unfair is it that a simple-minded busy-body feels it is her right to go around saying un-truths to whomever will listen … and believe me, around here, there are plenty of ears. 
Since I have worked at PCS, I have always made it a point to avoid gossip, getting involved in others business and generally giving the other person the benefit of the doubt whenever there has been a question of his/her involvement in any given situation.  How sad is it then when you find your coworkers are not affording you the same privelege?  Very, I say.  Very sad indeed.  I think what hurts the most is just knowing that this ill-advised person has the audacity to look me straight in the eye and feign concern for me.  Perhaps it is my pat reply of, "Great" everytime she inquires how I am … let’s face it, she neither wants to know or even cares how I really am feeling so why engage in conversation other than the general?  I’m not sure whether I am more hurt or angry at this point.  I can say for certain that I am very grateful to the person that had the guts to come in and tell me … and more grateful to this person for letting our happy gossipmonger know she is out of line. 
So as I reflect on what is happening I have a few red-flags that are percolating in my wee little brain:
1). a few months ago the Fat Gossipmonger was chatting about one of our therapists and I told her she needed to stop because the therapist wasn’t there to defend herself.   2). Big Fat Gossipmongers supervisor was present during the conversation,   3). Big Fat Stupid Gossipmonger tried to continue and I told her and her supervisor that this talk was inappropriate – especially because we were standing in a hallway,   4). Big Fat Stupid Ugly Gossipmonger has been staff-splitting and was counseling a student and her family without the knowledge of her therapist or the clinical director -BTW,  BFSUG does not have a therapy license – 5). Big Fat Stupid Ugly Warty Gossipmonger is the much hated daughter in law of my former neighbors and when she found out I knew them, was suddenly her very worst enemy because she knew how close I was to her mother in law, but I have never once, NOT EVEN ONE TIME, said anything about her and what I know to anyone. 6). Big Fat Stupid Ugly Warty Zero-IQ Gossipmonger has waaaaaay too much time on her hands and is often found roaming the halls looking for her next victim … which brings me to …  7). Big Fat Stupid Ugly Warty Zero IQ Fathead Gossipmonger already has a reputation around here as being a Big Fat Stupid Ugly Warty Zero-IQ Hideous Gossipmonger. 
So really, I should just let it slide.  But you know what?  Deep down, no matter how much I know this, I still feel really, really sad, embarrassed and humiliated that anyone feels the need to be so cruel to someone she has never even tried to get to know.  I also realize that gossip is generally spread by those with low self-esteem in an effort to elevate themselves to others.  How that works I do not know but apparently for some it does.  A very strong part of me wants to confront the BFUWZ-IQHG but there again a connumdrum:  A). I don’t want to breach the confidence of the one that told me and B).  BFUWZ-IQHG will only deny it because her track record shows that she is prone to less-than-truthful behavior, and C). I and only I know the real truth about myself and my health and what is going on – as I sit here at work with a raging fever once more – therefore, I will take the high road and trust that those people that truly are my friends will rise above the gossip, see it for what it is, and then move on without becoming entangled in the BFUWZ-IQHG’s tangled web of deceit and hurtful lies.
People, Big Fat Stupid Ugly Warty Zero-IQ Hideous Gossipmonger is NOT my friend!

2 responses to “Hey, Did you Hear …

  1. I hate her! Whoever she is certainly doesn\’t know you very well. How could anyone say anything – ANYTHING negative about you? SEWEUSWEE…………….GO SPIT ON HER AND TELL HER IT\’S FROM ME!

  2. You know what else she did? A dear kind friend wanted to donate some PTO hours to me and that big fat gossipmonger told her "no" she would not sign the authorization sheet and that my friend had better not pursue it or got to HR!!! Threatening her! UNBELIEVABLE! It\’s things like that and people like her that make PCS miserable.

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