Knock me out COLD

I went to a new specialist yesterday to help figure out what is going on in my belly.  After bazillions of tests already , firing one surgeon (fired?  I guess that’s right since I told him he wasn’t a good match for me – I do believe I posted about that fella once before), anyway, after bazillions of tests, proceedures, hospital and office visits, I think I finally have the right person for the job.  This doctor was wonderful!  He came in and actually TALKED to me.  We went over all the symptoms, past tests and possibities, and then on to what comes next.  He never once interrupted or said anything condescending, he actually listened!  WOW, I tell ya, in this state of mind that I am in right now this is B-I-G!  I didn’t even cry!  Not once!  Not one tear was shed!  Holy macaronni could this really be happening?  Why yes indeed it is. 
So here’s where we stand:  up until Saturday, February 20, I can eat a few solid foods, (risky since I just lose it all), Sunday, February 21, I will drink a 4 litre concoction that will clean me right out top to bottom so that Monday, February 22, I will go in for a slew of proceedures that will take anywhere from 3 – 5 hours.  I will be blissfully knocked out and will awake when everything has been done … that’s it … that’s all I have to do … lay there and let the skilled professionals do their thing to find some answers and make me well.  OK, realistically I know it isn’t going to be a swell ride, just think, what if I am one of those people that isn’t really put all the way out and can see and feel the whole thing but can’t communicate that I am awake and am in excutiating pain and really, really do not appreciate all the jokes and banter about my out of shape pasty white body?  What if?  But, what if I am not?  HAH!  All will be swell.
In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my now, semi-liquid diet (while still gaining weight – what’s up with that?) and look forward to the day when chocolate actually sounds good again.  and more so than any of that, I will continue to be ever so very grateful for my darling, wonderful, ever so caring, deeply compassionate and endearingly patient mother who has been listening to my every sorrow without telling me to knock it off, grow up, take it all in stride, or any other terrible words that I don’t need to hear right now.  My wonderful mom just lets me ramble.  She listens, hugs and offers words of encouragement that help me make it through some of the toughest times in my life.  I love her more than I can ever express.

3 responses to “Knock me out COLD

  1. okay…first off I MISS YOU! You should seriously consider writing a book! Your humor comes across in the written word as well as it does in conversation! I adore you and love that you can make me giggle…even when things are stressful. Next maybe you could get a blessing…I don\’t know if that is something you would want but I just wanted to remind you that you could get one and maybe that will help. Finally, I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am glad that you found a better doctor for your needs. I hope he finds out what is going on so that you will feel better! Your mom is awesome! I have always known that since I love all her daughters!!! (oh and you don\’t even know what pasty white looks like my friend!) HAHA!!!Hugs Ra Ra….thinking of you from miles away!!! Kathy 😉

  2. You are simply the best! It\’s amazing how many people have offered their prayers to me. I truly believe that is why I have had a great last three days … you people are out there healing me without any medical intervention whatsoever. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to know so many people care. Thank you so very, very much for making me laugh this morning. I just love you to bits! And by the way, you may be pasty-white, but I am pasty-white and jello flabby … no way you can top that! XO

  3. oh yeah??!! It\’s on SISTA!!!

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