Hello Kitty

There are about a zillion bottles of various body washes, conditioners, and shampoo in my shower…and all of them are EMPTY! 
La, la, la, standing under the warm water, waking up for the new day, la, la, la … accidentally kick over a bottle on the floor of the shower, stoop over to right it only to find that thing is lighter than a cotton ball.  Peek in … empty.  Bend over, pick up another bottle, peek in, empty, and so it goes.  "Why" you may ask, "why didn’t you know? Don’t you shower each day too?"  to which I say, "Yes.  Yes I do shower every day, however I use different products than the rest of the family." 
You know how it is.  Each member has his or her own brands and favorites.  I am currently using an environmentally friendly, probiotic shampoo with conditioner, oatmeal lavendar soap for my face, and my favorite body wash of all time; Soap & Glory.  So I haven’t even thought to wonder whether or not anyone was running low … or completely O-U-T!  I make a mental note, "must restock after drying off."  and I try to fulfill that mental dream only to discover that the usually very well stocked bathroom supply closet is empty of ALL shampoo and conditioners.  Plenty of hair gel, hair spray, deodorant and razors (which by the way, I really need to shave my legs), but NO SHAMPOO.  I go into the kids bathroom, (which does have a shower, but no shower curtain, or rather no shower curtain rod – another of Mr. Farish’s projects just this close to completion). Guess what?  Yep.  All hair cleansing products have been lifted … with the exception of Cydney’s ‘Hello Kitty’ line of products. 
With a smile on my face, I carefully place Miss Kitty in the shower caddy for she will be needed today. I have only one thought at this point…
I think Skylar and Mr. Farish will be mightly pleased to walk around smelling like a pink kitty all day…but just in case they aren’t, I’ll stop at the store on my way home from work and stock up on all of their manly favorites.

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