I am sitting on my favorite bench working on a crossword puzzle, Skylar is sitting across from me on the lounge-part of the couch listening to his ipod, texting various friends, and offering occasional commentary for Abi and Cydney as they play Rockband.  Mr. Farish is busy working on our soon-to-be-library, and Dustin is at his own house doing whatever a bachelor does.  It’s a perfect Sunday evening.  Everyone is content, everyone is happy, music is blaring, jokes being bandied about and there is nowhere any of us would rather be.  I love days like this! 
   Cydney is a natural on the drums, Abi ‘s fingers move faster than any rocker
Oops, sideways Skylar offers occasional commentary between texts
Abi gets a 98% accuracy rating while on the ‘hard’ setting!
I am not ready to let go of the holidays and send my babies back to school.   

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