Welcome to Friday

So I’m driving along to work this morning, minding my own beeswax as I approach the 8th North off-ramp for work … the light is green turned yellow turned red by the time I glide right on through.  Now as I approached the light I mentally asked myself, "self, can you stop in time or will there be ice?" to which I replied to myself, "self, there will be ice and you don’t want to slide, I don’t see any cars going East/West, go ahead, go on through."  So I listened to myself only to have a sudden flash of XXXXXXXXX in my rearview mirrow.  Yep!  Highway Trooper 3J331, ready and eager to inquire as to the reason why ma’am decided it was best to go through that red light.  Well yes officer, there was.  Ice!  "Ma’am, there hasn’t been ice on this road for two days."  Now how am I supposed to know this?  There is ALWAYS ice on that exit.  I have slid on it enough times to know this…there IS ice.  But I do not protest, after all, I did go through the light…but DAMN!  I dutifully hand over my license (that mercifully still says I weigh 106#), dig out my registration (buried amongst all the other junk) and I patiently wait … and wait … and wait.  I start to wonder if officer friendly is taking his donut and coffee break or if he has called for backup in order to apprehend the red-light felon.  I continue to wait some more … and wait … and wait.  I decide that he is having a complete and hearty breakfast and aloowing for complete digestion before he is able to proceed with public enemy #1.  Knock, knock, knock on the window … sheesh!  He scared me to death that stealth little fella!  I unroll the window as my heart tries to resume a normal lub-dub pattern.  Dear, young officer 3J331 starts to explain that Ma’am will need to sign the ticket "while not admitting guilt" and has the right to go to traffic school to reduce points from my record.  Traffic School?  Points?  I am NOT going to traffic school on my day off for a few lousy points!  "Do you have an idea how much this ticket will cost?" I politely inquire.  "Around $90.00".  to which I blurt out, "$90.00?  Oh HON! That’s not a Merry Christmas."  (startling both of us I’m sure)  In fact, Officer 3J331 is so startled he is suddenly tongue-tied…I doubt even his mother doesn’t call him ‘Hon’.  Oops, that was a slip o’ my tongue indeed.  Finally having regained his composure, Officer 3J331 reminds me to mind the rules of the road and stop for red lights in the future.  "Yes sir I certainly will."  and off I drive … with my new friend right behind me the rest of the way to work … which included a stop at the local Juice n Java for coffee …
Here’s the kicker … while he is tailing me closely, the car to my left goes sailing right through a RED LIGHT and he didn’t pursue the fella!  What’s up with that? 

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