Honking on the Freeway

Sometimes the best laid plans are just not meant to be.  Take Wednesday for example.  Plan 1). Go to work, leave around noon, prepare for Thanksgiving.  Then Mina’s dad died; Plan 2). Go to work, leave early, attend viewing and funeral, prepare for Thanksgiving.  Then Wednesday arrived and I woke up dizzy and nauseous.  Felt rotten driving to work, got to work, passed out at my desk.  Look up, run for the bathroom and WHOOSH!  I am sick, sick, sick!  Stagger back to my office, make some business calls…run for the bathroom…sick again!  So this is my morning routine.  By 10:15 it is clear that I am now at Plan 3).  Go home to bed.  Who would have ever thought that driving home would entail one stop to the side of the freeway?  How about having to pull into the Merrill Lynch parking lot?  Let me apologize right here and now to any and all persons that were unfortunate enough to have witnessed my heaving body as all my innards came gushing out in the most unladylike of ways.  By the time I weakly arrived home I knew that any and all planning was absolutely out of the question … To bed with me it was!

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