I love Thanksgiving!  My favorite holiday, my favorite food, my favorite day to welcome loved ones into our home for a full day  (and evening) of togetherness.  We will eat, we will nap, we will watch football, we will play games, we will read the ads for black Friday, and then we will pull out the food and eat some more.  It’s the absolute BEST day ever if you ask me. 
So this morning Mr. Farish and I headed over to Starbucks for our coffee, ran over to Einstein for bagels, and returned home for a day of deep cleaning.  Wanting everything to be spotless and perfect, I first sat down and wrote what turned out to be 2 full pages (single-spaced) outlining what needed to be done in each room.  My poor kids!  Seriously, I looked at that list and thought, "We’ll be cleaning FOREVER!"  Yeah, well, at least the house will look good, even if it kills us.  And then it happened; we all just dug in.  You know what?  Not one complaint!  Not one utterance of things I’d rather be doing.  Not one!  I have to tell you at this point that I am so impressed with my kids.  I mean come on, housecleaning really stinks when you are an adult so it has to feel like pure torture to kids.  And now here it is after 4:00 p.m. and WOW!  The house looks great!  Oh wait … the FRONT part of the house looks great, the back of the house?  Not so much. 
Mr. Farish is working feverishly to finish what we had talked about forever ago … a nice library off of our bedroom.  A quiet place to escape surrounded by all of our books, sitting in comfortable furniture as we read the cold winter afternoons away.  Now, why he decided to start this major project right before the holidays is a mystery.  EVERYTHING has been moved from the game/toy room and Mr. Farish’s home office into OUR bedroom!  It’s a veritible maze back there; one I am afraid of getting lost in if I stay too long.  I doubt Mr. Farish realized what all this entailed before he began.  Oh well, it all works out eventually!
As I scrubbed and polished and swept and tossed I had a sudden thought.  You know what?  Thanksgiving isn’t about having the cleanest house, the fanciest furniture, finished rooms and organized closets.  Nope, while it is important to show our loved ones that we cherish them enough to welcome them into a clean and inviting home, it is also important to simply welcome those we love to share this day with us.  Welcome them we will, on this, my favorite of holidays.  We will share our love and thanks for all we have, all we cherish, all we hold dear.   We will share our thanks…this is what I will say:
I am thankful for you, my loved ones for you are the ones that inspire me.  You are the ones that make me want to be a better person.  You are the ones that love and support me even when I am not lovable.  I am thankful for my home and the warmth that dwells within.  I am thankful for the many blessing I receive each and every day… a warm shower, comfortable clothing, shoes to wear and a job that pays me a salary enabling me to provide for my family.  I am thankful for the health of my family, for while Mr. Farish and I may live with pain, we are alive and healthy and we are free of the many ailments that so many must endure each day.  I am thankful for the food we eat, for we have plenty and have never known the feeling of hunger or going to bed without having had a nourishing meal to sustain us.  There are so many, many more reasons that I am thankful.  Thankful I am, thankful I will ever be.  Most of all, I am thankful to have this time to spend with each of you, my loved and cherished ones.   I thank you!

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