Pineapple Princess

As Cydney and I were driving home from her drum lessons last night we started talking about our first family vacation to Hawaii.  Cydney must have been around 4 years old that first time.  This vacation was a series of firsts for her.  Her first really long plane flight (she was very excited).  First time using an airplane potty (scared the wits out of her), first in-flight movie, (I don’t think she blinked once).  At that young age, Cydney was old enough to appreciate the beauty of the clear blue sky, old enough to appreciate family togetherness, old enough to order her own beverage from the flight attendant, and old enough to be patient during our long layover in California. 
Always a trooper, Cydney was game to do and see and try anything and everything that was Hawaii.  From swimming with the giant sea turtles, to tasting native fare, hiking miles upon mile to get to an elusive waterfall; there she was right next to her siblings and parents just going with the flow.  This child is not a complainer.  Nope, she is a doer.  That first trip was two weeks long which enabled us to spend one week on the North shore with it’s gigantic, crashing waves and laid back lifestyle, living in our rented beach house that we could pretend was our own.  The following week was spent in the ubber luxurious Hilton Hawaiian Village smack dab in the middle of everything wonderful and (again) only a few steps onto the beach.  Surprisingly enough, the kids preferred the simplicity of the beach house and the ability to act like a native over the touristy life of the urban traveller.  (point taken kids). 
At the end of those jam-packed, fun-filled, adventure-seeking, two weeks, we packed up and prepared for the long flight back home.  Cydney tearfully bid farewll to every bit of furniture, grain of sand, plant, flower, beach and pool that she saw as we headed for the airport.  But again, ever the trooper, she quickly composed herself and began talking about all of the things she had missed at home and would look forward to seeing once again. 
Now, knowing my families proclivity for mischief and adventure (used very loosely as they seem to find us, not the other way around), once back we are inundated with requests to hear, "What happened?" …note, not how was the trip? what did you do … oh no, "What Happened?" for there is ALWAYS a story to be told that invarioubly involves involuntary bodily functions, spontaneous bouts of illness of unknown origin, tripping, falling, getting lost, flashings, you name it and we will be sure to supply a side-splitting, tear-inducing recreation of the said event(s).  Hawaii was no exception.  I grabbed a strangers butt thinking it was Mr. Farish, Abi left her gameboy DS on the airplane, Cydney was knocked over by a giant sea turtle and had to be ‘rescued’, Skylar fell on the lava rock, Dustin got bitten by a crab … adventure I tell you…pure adventure!  So much to tell, so much to laugh about and yet, Cydney chose to tell about something that I had never even imagined…the music!  Cydney loved the music of Hawaii.  She loved the hula, the ukulele, the songs, the magic of the music.  Her one and only Christmas request?  Music from Hawaii!  And she got some.  Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dave gave her the music of Hawaii.  She must have played that CD a bazillion times and never got tired of hearing it.  She would sing along, hula about her room, and enjoy herself thoroughly. 
It was this memory that came back to me last night.  The music.  Listening to Cydney singing, "Pineapple Princess" was a joy to behold.  While I had heard her singing so much I pretended not to know the words just so I could listen to her belt out that song over and over again in her innocent little voice.  She patiently sang that song, stopping after each line to have me repeat it back to her, until I too had mastered every verse of "Pineapple Princess".  We sang duets, we sang solos, we took turns singing every other line .. we sang and it made us happy!  Last night I asked Cydney if she remembered singing "Pineapple Princess" with me.  She did, we smiled, and then we sang, "Pineapple Princess" the rest of the way home…

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