Fruit and Well Wishes

What does one say, what does one do, when someone you love is hurting?  While I’ve always been good with the thoughts and prayers, those two can’t fill the empty spaces.  Send a fruit bouquet and write… what? on the card.   I have a family member in need of solice, a friend in need of comfort; both need something from me that I feel a great desire to provide.  How?
To my loved one I say, "It’s going to be OK.  I love you but you must also love yourself.  You will be fine.  You have learned something that others may never know, you have a chance to do things different and better."  To my friend I say, "I am there for you any time you need me.  I love you.  You are so very strong but it is ok to be weak too."  To myself I say, "You don’t have to have the perfect words, it’s your actions that define the way you feel. Let go of the guilt and embrace the knowledge that you can make a difference."
And I will. 

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