Pigs are Flying

Yes folks, Abi has been hit by the flying pig.  We’ve been to the doctor and she has EVERY single head to toe symptom.  Let me tell you, she is not happy to: 1)  be sick, 2) miss school, 3) have to suffer a few more days of daytime television, and 4) possibly miss Halloween altogether.  Poor kid, especially since we finally found some really great boots to go with her Sally Skellington costume, (after visiting every shoe store within 50 miles of home + catalogs). Here’s hoping Abi recovers soon and the rest of the family is spared …although her doctor said that she likely got it from me although I never went in and got diagnosed but my symptoms two weeks ago were also, "classic". 
The good news?  The Doctors office has recieved a new batch of flu serum and because ‘Seasonal Flu’ is not expected to hit until mid-November (how do they know that?), we can all still get our vaccinations to (hopefully) prevent getting that strain as well. Have you had your flu shot?

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