Live Long and Prosper

I just got a call from a very sad and distressed Cydney.  Today is her schools Halloween parade and class party, the first one I have ever missed.  Not only will I not be there to host the party, I am also not home to help with her costume.  Since I drugged Abi up on NyQuil, she may be home, but she is not waking anytime soon.  Here’s the problem:  I carefully braided Cydney’s hair last night and showed both girls how to pin it up to fit under her Spock wig, easy right?  Easy if the braid didn’t come out during the night and said child’s hair isn’t mid-back length and her sister was actually awake to help!  Mr. Farish you say?  Don’t even go there!   I feel like a terribly lousy mother!  So here I am at work trying to walk Cydney through the whole process and ending the conversation this way: you can always ask your friends to help you.  That is NOT what a child wants to hear when first impressions are everything and Spock without a wig is well, just some strange clothing on a girl.  Sure the ears help, but long blonde hair?  Um, no!  There is silence on the other end of the phone.  I can tell she is trying to hold it together.  I have disappointed my youngest child in more ways than one today.  Realistically I know that Cydney will get it all figured out and her day will turn out great.  She is resiliant and very resourceful.  And yet … she is still my baby and this being her last year of grade school, I understand her disappontment not having her mom there to watch her and her classmates parade around in their costumes and get all hopped up on treats while they party the day away.  It’s hard, you know?  I am utterly, profoundly, woefully disappointed in myself today.  Ahhh, mother guilt!

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