Stinky Girl

I think that I have seen Skylar a total of about 10 hours during the entire month of October.  Not only does he have the freedom of a drivers license and car, a jam-packed social calendar and concerts, he also has been working on the school play.  Not IN the school play, oh no, that would not be cool, no Skylar is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy.  He is on the Olympus High School stage crew which means set building, painting, lighting, props…all that ‘stuff’ we don’t think about but are necessary for such a grand a production to take place. 
As a stage crew mom, I have been bringing dinner to Skylar on my way home from work each day (ok, I missed a few times, but hey, I try).  This means utilizing the services of the fast-food world.  Convenient for me and a teenagers dream meal.  I have bought chicken, sandwiches, pizza, tacos, burritos and burgers, lots and lots of burgers.  Now when you buy burgers it is without question  that; yes, I would like fries with that.  Here’s the problem … Vanna White stinks!  Yup.  I climbed in this morning to start my journey to work and was immediately assaulted with the smell of french fries, (or are we still calling those greasy things ‘Freedom Fries’?)  anyway, yea, Vanna has an odor that no car should ever harbor.  Remember my gag reflex?  Well, let me say that being confronted so harshly at 5:45 a.m. is NOT something that I recommend for anyone, especially those with weak nostrils.  Now, luckily I shopped recently at Cabin Fever and picked up a car freshener.  Faster than you can say, "Pass the barf bucket", I unwrapped one of those things and begged it to do the job.   OK, have you ever been to Cabin Fever?  Let’s just say that political correctness is not it’s forte which meant that I would have to fly the freshener low so as not to offend any of my fellow commuters, (not everyone appreciates bitchy).  I hung said freshener on the cigarette lighter thing and away I went. 
Ew, it’s chilly out here … turn on the heater …before I know it I have now produced a combo greasy fry-cinnamon spice combo that is more lethal than any Napalm could ever be.  Oh my word!  I tell myself this will pass, don’t think about it, distract -distract – distract, turn up the music, must-not-think-about-the smell, do-not-think-about-the smell, I’m thinking about the smell.  I am smelling the smell, UGH!  I am about to throw up over the smell.  Let in some fresh air, hurry, breathe in fresh air.  And that is how it goes for the entire 50 minute drive.  Poor Vanna White!  Poor Vanna White’s owner. 
The good news?  Last night was closing night … no more fast-food, no more fries, just the lingering reminder of how I spent October and the nagging question; "The Music Man", was it worth it?  Well it’s better than the never-ending Oklahoma!  Slit my throat and leave me to die, anything but Oklahoma!

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