I Scared Myself on Monday

How Ra,  How did you scare yourself?  Well remember when I asked, What if you opened your email and found your photo had been posted as a person of Walmart?  Ok, good.  Monday I wore a purple shirt (very cute, got compliments) and a pair of Halloween socks, (purple and black stripes with a witch on the side.  Also cute, also complimented -probably in jest however).  The purple of the socks did not match the purple of the sweater … Hey, you try getting dressed in a semi-lit closet at 5:00 a.m.   Anyway, Cydney was out of hair detangler and I didn’t want to drive clear out to Target.  You guessed it … I went to the dreaded Walmart.  Now people, you know how much I dislike Walmart.  I have been to Walmart a grand total of probably 5 times and that was 5 times too many in my little pea-brain.  Why today?  Why ever?  I’ll tell you.  Because Target and Walmart are the only ones that carry the detangler that Cydney likes.  I know!  How selfless to have ventured in there all in the name of beautifully sleek locks.  But I did.  And then it hit me, "I am wearing Halloween socks that don’t match, and I am in danger of becoming, (insert drum roll here), ‘A person of Walmart’ !"    I can see the headline now, **NOTHING SAYS STYLE LIKE A PAIR OF HEELS AND STRIPED SOCKS**.   So people, I implore you, if I do show up on the website, have mercy and know that I won’t repeat that faux pas again… EVER!

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