Here’s something creepy:  I am driving to the grocery store in broad daylight when I notice the car behind me is awfully close.  I turn in, he turns in, I park he parks (well ok, that’s normal right).  First stop: Starbucks, (one does need fuel when shopping), the man is behind me in line.  I smile because that is what one does while waiting.  He stares back.  Retrieve beverage and start to shop…here he comes. I am rushing through the aisles when I realize that everytime I turn, there he is, watching me.  I have a cart, he doesn’t.  Probably coincidence I think as I walk ever so calmly up and down the aisles.   But wait, why doesn’t he have anything in his hands? Call me quick, but I’m starting to think he’s following me.  Now, I know that there is no need to panic because I am in a public place and this guy really hasn’t done anything, but nevertheless, my creep vibe is really perking up here.  Then it happens; he is gone.  Oh my word, I think, How paranoid I am.  Continue shopping … Now if ever there is a place that you don’t expect to be confronted, it’s probably the toilet tissue aisle, (am I right?), or perhaps that is the right place because as I look around it is apparent that my family is the only one that uses said product … not a soul in sight … except for creepy man!  He’s back and now he wants to chat.  "Hey, how are you?"  – this is where it gets tough because manners are everything and it would be rude not to respond and yet I don’t really want to respond, but because I also think the guy hasn’t done anything, I should respond – soooo, I say "fine".  Wrong word cause apparently I "am very fine" to this strange character who apparently thinks it’s ok to stalk women at the grocery store.  I hustle my bustle down the aisle and he follows.  Now I know it isn’t my imagination.  He doesn’t say anything more, just continues to follow me in what he perceives to be a very covert fashion… and then … nothing!  It’s time to check out, I have what I need (and even stuff I don’t just to prolong  my shopping experience/safety).  I’m just a tad nervous going out to my car because really, as much as I like Blake the bagger, let’s face it, he isn’t going to be much help if I need it… he has DS …  WHEW!  No sign of creepy guy or his creep mobile.  Not one sign the whole way home.  No one followed me, no one drove too close, nothing.  While I am glad that he is gone, I am also really bugged that this jerk thinks he has the right to follow anyone like that.  Then I second guess myself and wonder if I am just being too harsh.  Then I think that I’m not, then I am, then I’m not … and so it goes. 

One response to “Creepy

  1. Ah come on…give Blake some credit. He could probably save the day! That is creepy. Big time creepy. Did you have your mace with you? Would have been fun to give it a try don\’t you think?

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