I love to read; anything I can get my hands on, it’s a guarantee that I will read it from beginning to end.   When I go in search of my next great read, I like to take my time and puruse each aisle slowly and thoroughly.  Today at Borders was no different.  I was all set to take my time and enjoy all the offerings when no sooner had we entered the store than an over-eager employee was right on me.  "Can I help you find something?"   Now I recognize that this is her job, she wants to be helpful, I appreciate this, truly I do.  Kindly I tell her that I would like to look around, thanks for asking.  I swear to you this is the truth…I hadn’t gone more than 10 feet when she was right there at my side once more…"are you sure I can’t help you find anything?"  I reassure her that I’ll be just fine, thanks again.  Head over to the latest publications, start reading the jackets… "Hey, how about this book, have you heard of this one?"  No, I had not heard of that book, so I ask what it is about.  "Oh, I don’t really know but a girl I work with said she read it and liked it, so I thought you might like it."  Which is very interesting as I have never met this kindly young gal, but she is ready to reassure me that I will like this book that her friend liked.  Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I thank her and put it in my stack … and quickly disappear into another aisle.  She’s ba-ack!  Oh for crying out loud!  This is my time.  I just want to be left alone.  This is suppossed to be my happy place.  Ok, let’s put this girl to work.  I ask her to help me find the Engine 2 book that Amy has recommended.  "Oh, I haven’t ever heard of that.  Is it really a book?"  Yes, I reassure her, it is.  How about we look in the computer?  "Oh, ok, I can look it up."  At this point it is clear that I am not in the presence of an Einstein, sweet yes, helpful, she’s trying, annoying…oh yes.  Well, she did look it up and there weren’t any in stock.  Apologetically she tells me there is one in Provo.  Perfect I tell her, I work in Provo so I can swing in and pick it up.  I tell her how much I appreciate all of her help and recommendations and that I will just go find my kids now.  Thanks again.
I walk upstairs to check in with the kids … would you believe she followed me!  "Can I help you find anything up here?"  I’m doomed I tell you, doomed!  Want to take one guess as to who rang up my purchases?  Yup, my newest Borders Book Buddy. 

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