Saturday I was in a baking mood.  I pulled out the KitchenAide and whipped up the following: Cinnamon Apple Bread, CaseyDoodles and Double Chocolate Sky-Guys. 
The bread was made using the apples I bought at the Farmers market last weekend.  Each was cored, peeled and grated which made the bread incredibly moist and delicious  I made two loaves; one we ate piping hot, the other we brought with us for Sunday coffee with the gang at Beans and Brews.
As for the cookies, let me explain.  When each of my kids were small, I created a cookie just for them using their favorite ingredients.  As each niece and nephew came along, I did the same for them.  I love creating recipes and since cookies are one of my favorites it seemed natural to share my love of them with my family as well.  Hence the names of the cookies I made Saturday.  We brought those with us Sunday as well.  De-lightful and even better shared with those I love the most.

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