Poor Mr. Farish

Every weekday morning, while I am busy drying my hair and getting ready for work, Mr. Farish and Mia are getting ready for their morning walk.  With the weather changing and Autumn fast approaching (tomorrow, in fact), the sun is still sleeping soundly when they set out.  This morning was no different. Flashlight in hand and the leash fastened tight, off they set for the park and Starbucks.  It’s the same routine we have followed since we got Mia as a 6 week old pup … although Mr. Farish carried her back then. 
Now, I have to tell you that Mr. Farish is NOT the best at obeying the leash law.  No, he prefers to let Mia run free once her paws hit the edge of the park lawn … and WOW, can that gal go!  At 5:30 in the morning a leash really isn’t going to matter since they are the only live beings (?) in the area anyway, so really, who cares about the leash?  Well, I’ll tell you who cares now … Mia.  Yes indeed folks, Mia was off her leash running free and letting her ears fly when she suddenly came to a halt.  Mr. Farish: "Mia?"  no response … "Mia?" … nothing!  He pulls out his flashlight … why wasn’t it out anyway? … He shines the light … moving left to right … or right to left … no MIA!  No Mia, but one gigantic skunk standing right next to Mr. Farish … Mia has abandoned her human and left him to fend for himself!  S-L-O-W-L-Y he backs away and starts the search … Unable to find her, he proceeds to Starbucks, after all, Mia loves her morning Joe just as much as he does.  But alas, she wasn’t at Starbucks.  Poor Mr. Farish.  Although Mia is techinically mine (remember the birthday gift that I am allergic to?)  She and Mr. F. are tight. 
Back through the park, through the neighborhood, 1 hour of searching, and no Mia.  Heartbroken, Mr. Farish returns home to get kids off to school.  He calls out one last time, "Mia, girl where are you?"  and then it happens … that poor shaking pup sticks her head out of the gate and in a wimpering cry, shakes her way over to her man.  "Ohhhh, girl.  Are you okay?  I was so worried."  He carries her into the house, where she remains for the rest of the day (and night).  No more adventuring for this pup… unless you count sneaking into the cats room.  Truth be told, I’m not sure who was more shaken.  And yes, I would have been very sad too.

2 responses to “Poor Mr. Farish

  1. pathetic puppy. she barks at dogs twice her size but a skunk? noooo all the suden she has to run aaaaaallllllllllllllllll the way home.

  2. I\’m still amazed that she crossed 4500 South and didn\’t get hit by a car!

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