Farewell Friend

Why is it that with a house full of computers I am totally helpless without my own laptop?  The darn thing has gotten very tempramental on me and lately is refusing to recognize my wireless connection.  Perhaps my trusty friend has had enough after all.  Sure, she can be relied upon to boot up any game that doesn’t require the keyboard, but internet?  not gonna happen.
When I bought my little sidekick it was in a rush of despair.  Early one evening I was putting the final touches on a paper that was due by midnight when suddenly … NOTHING!  The entire project gone.  All of my hard work, research, saved notes, everything … just gone!  In tears, I called Dustin and asked him to come over and help me.  The paper had to be somewhere and if anyone could find my lost documents, it would be him (or Mr. Farish but he was out of town).  So Dustin came over, searched, and declared it over, the laptop had retired from service.  Crying hysterically, we jumped into Vanna and dashed over to Office Max where I purchased the first laptop I spied, (after being assured that yes, she was well equiped with a fabulous WORD program).  Rush back home, type as fast as humanly possible (not easy for a hunt and pecker like me), and by jove, I sent that re-written paper in by midnight.  I got an A- on the paper (the minus being a note that it seemed a bit rushed in the final paragraph) and let me say, that was ok with me!  That gal got me through on that hectic and hellish night and she has gone everywhere with me since … whether sipping coffee in California or Costa Rica, sitting poolside at my dads or lounging at Snowbird, she has been with me.  She has logged serious miles on the road and in the sky.  She has recorded my thoughts during sunrise and sunset,  but now, she seems to be done.  With much sorrow and sadness, I must face the facts, my sidekick has kicked. 
I know that when I get home I will once again try to boot the gal up and cajole her into one more connection, maybe she will comply, likely she won’t.  Whatever happens I can handle.  After all it’s not like I have an important paper to write.

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